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There are important links between this region, solitary nucleus, and the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve. These contacts are connected and the nuclei of the autonomic system with symptoms of motion sickness. Motion sickness is the result of conflicting information from the visual and vestibular systems. If you consider the movement by the optical system without supplementary vestibular effects, Max synapse or through the vestibular stimuli without visual confirmation, and stimulates the brain and the symptoms associated with vomiting. In low-Baha, in itself, it seems to be able to stimulate the vomiting response to the toxins in the blood, but it is also linked to the autonomy system and can lead to a similar response to the motion. Autonomic drugs are used to combat motion sickness. Although it is often described as dangerous and deadly drug, scopolamine is used to treat motion sickness. The folk remedy for the treatment of motion sickness is scopolamine transdermal patch. Scopolamine is one of the materials derived from the genus Mandrake along with atropine. In high doses, it is believed that these materials are toxic and can lead to sympathetic radical syndrome. 

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