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The Struggling Writer Syndrome And Its Cure Chances are you feeling like a struggling writer this morning or evening http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Mason-Foster-Redski... , wherever you are on this planet.
Today you just can't get to writing that 400 words, or is it 1500 words you have set for yourself as your daily goal for that great writing project of yours?
You have writer's block?
How the hell are you ever going to succeed in life if you can't even write 400 words of great text? That's about one and a half pages of story if you are a novelist, which hopefully you will be someday?
So let's get down to work!
Shame on you, thrice shame on you for procrastinating! I'm not like your friends or your sexual partner in life. If you are spiritually lazy, I am going to let you know it! Have you no shame to be wasting your precious time on earth?
Maybe you don't know how to write worth a damn? Yes, is that it? You don't know s--- about great story writing? You are taking years to get even 400 words right? You think you can write better than those published writers out there you read?
Tell you what. If you let me be your boss for the moment, I say to you, No More Novels!!! Yes http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Kory-Lichtensteiger... , You are not allowed to read another novel until you write one of your own, at least a complete first draft!!! Do you read me loud and clear?
You're not a writer! Now I heap more abuse on you. Look at you! Look at yourself in the mirror! Look at that cry-baby you see there staring back at you. The Great Complainer! Isn't that what you should call yourself?

Get back to work, lazy! Or get out and play. Go do something nice for yourself. Give yourself a reward for struggling so hard over your writing career. Great effort anyway!
Why should you succeed where so many fail?
Only the greatest talents realize publishable novels for themselves.
And you call yourself a writer?
A writer?
Hopping mad are you?
Well, you should be!!! Don't know anyone who succeeds in life who doesn't work hard, and who doesn't have the talent for the job!
Let us be kind then.
I kid you not! You are a great writer, in potential maybe, but a great writer bubbling over with talent.
Everything you touch turns to gold. You are an amazing success at everything you do. You love words, you love people http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Kirk-Cousins-Redski... , you love life, you love language, you love telling stories.
Hell, if you don't succeed at writing many wonderful novels that people love to read you are in a string of bad luck days!
Hell, with your talent and passion and keen mind you can succeed at almost anything.
Glad to have you aboard! Glad to have you among us successful writers. What a great lover of the finely told story you are.
We want to read all your work. We wish you amazing success in life. We see you write with a golden pen.
More power to you! See the gold upon the wall. You rise to every occasion! You are magnificent!
You can do it all! 400 words a day? 1500 words a day when truly inspired!!! What's the difference?
You, my friend, are a writer!!!
-Have you any views counter to the above? Why not say them? What truly is the message here? How can you best help yourself and your fellow writers? Why do we write, anyway? How do you rate this article in emotional impact?
Typical and Uncommon Sustainable Energy Sources Beardslee Yadon
Submitted 2014-02-15 09:17:01
Talking about sustainable energy is like talking about future itself. It is the energy that meets today's needs but with out causing any long term damaging. This kind of energy appears on two basic pillars: renewable energy and energy efficiency and it is focusing on the ability of an energy supply that provides on the long term. There are many technologies that provide this kind of alternative energy for example wave power http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Kendall-Fuller-Reds... , solar energy, hydroelectricity, tidal power, wind energy, artificial photosynthesis as well as geothermal energy.

Among the first generation technologies for providing sustainable energy is hydroelectric plants and has many advantages. For instance they are clean as well as long life energy sources that produce couple of emissions. However there are also a few disadvantages such as whole villages need to be dislocated in the plants area and large amounts of carbon dioxide are released during buildings. Another type of clean energy source may be the geothermal vegetation that can create energy 24 hours a day. However this kind of energy can be achieved in limited areas of the world including Central America, the United States, Eastern Africa, the actual Philippines http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Kedric-Golston-Reds... , Indonesia and Iceland. Photo voltaic heating systems are one of the most widely known second generation technologies, plus they consist mainly in solar thermal collectors containing fluids that slowly move the heat in the container to begin usage. This technique can be used for room heating, swimming pool water or to heat domestic hot water. Wind power is yet another renewable power source that has higher potential and comparatively low expenses. But in a few areas it might be difficult to website wind turbines mostly for ecological and visual reasons.

Energy durability requires modifications not only in the way in which energy is created, but also in the manner it is used, and for the amount of energy that is required for some services needs to be reduced. Energy efficiency is anticipated to slow down the energy demand growth, and that is essential as a fast population as well as economic growth can be noticed.

Some researchers said that the actual improvements within green energy options for helping the world's growing energy consumption must be combined with the cultura.

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